Celebrate 50 Years
College of Visual and Performing Arts

Department of Fine Arts

John Hrehov,
Department Chair and Professor

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
2101 E. Coliseum Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499

Office: Visual Arts Building
Room: VA117
Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm

Phone: 260-481-6705
Fax: 260-481-6707
E-mail: webers@ipfw.edu

Fine Arts | Music | Theatre | VCD

Full-Time Faculty

Laurel Campbell, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor / Art Education
     Office: VA 123
     Phone: 260-481-6877
     E-mail: campbell@ipfw.edu

Christopher Ganz, M.F.A.
Associate Professor / Printmaking and Drawing
     Office:  VA 223
     Phone: 260-481-6925
     E-mail: ganzc@ipfw.edu 
     Web Page: www.chrisganz.com

Dana Goodman, M.F.A.
Professor / Sculpture
     Office: VA 124
     Phone: 260-481-0530
     E-mail: goodmand@ipfw.edu
     Web Page danagoodman.weebly.com

John Hrehov, M.F.A.
Chair and Professor / Drawing and Painting
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6706
     E-mail:  hrehov@ipfw.edu 
     Web Page: www.JohnHrehov.com

Nancy McCroskey, M.F.A. 
Associate Professor / Ceramics
     Office: VA 124
     Phone: 260-481-6876
     E-mail: mccroske@ipfw.edu 
     Web Page: www.NancyMcCroskey.com

Audrey Ushenko, Ph.D.
Professor / Drawing and Painting
     Office: VA 121
     Phone: 260-481-6639
     E-mail: ushenkoa@ipfw.edu

Associate Faculty

Brandon Furniss, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: furnbf01@ipfw.edu

Andrew Haslit, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: haslita@ipfw.edu

Gretchen Kunberger, M.L.S.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: kunbergg@ipfw.edu

James Jur, B.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: jurj@ipfw.edu

Natalie McChessney, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: mcchne01@ipfw.edu

Sara Nordling, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: nordlins@ipfw.edu

Robert Schroeder, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 121
     Phone: 260-481-0539
     E-mail: schroedr@ipfw.edu

Erin Schwartz, M.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: schwarte@ipfw.edu



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