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Shakespeare's Island for Autism Spectrum Disorder Students

Yes, You “Will” on Shakespeare’s Island!

AAA GA shakespeare_28 GM Emma OlivaThe IPFW Community Arts Academy (CAA) is offering Shakespeare’s Island, a class for students ages 10–18 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

This enlightening workshop aims to help students improve their ability to recognize emotions and enhance their communication skills. Games based on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” will be played throughout the class. A parent or caregiver is required to be in attendance with each student. 

AAA G shakespeare_87 GM EmmaCAA drama instructor Gloria Minnich received training in the Hunter Heartbeat Method (HHM) at Ohio State during the Shakespeare and Autism Workshop, working with students on the autism spectrum in small group settings. Each session will be led by Minnich, with assistance from a role model who also trained in HHM and up to three helpers.

The next workshop will take place in spring 2018; call for details.
Six one-hour sessions: $49
Scholarships have been made possible by AWS Foundation.
For information or to register, call 260-481-6059.

Download a brochure about this class by clicking here.

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For more information, contact 
Melinda Haines, Director
IPFW Community Arts Academy
260-481-6059 or Email Melinda