College of Visual and Performing Arts

Scholarships Are Funded by the College of Visual and Performing Arts

Partial scholarships for a limited number of students per class are available for students in grades K-12. Student/family must be a recipient of free/reduced-price meals and/or books in his/her local school system or a recipient of a government-sponsored nutritional program such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Scholarships are for classes only. Scholarships do not apply to private music instruction or Suzuki piano. If you are interested, please contact CAA director Melinda Haines at 260-481-6059 or and ask for a scholarship request form and details in order to be considered for a scholarship. Or you may download the Scholarship Guidelines and Request Forms here:

You can scan and email the scholarship request to, or you can fax it to 260-481-6707.