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Peter Hamburger

Peter Hamburger, mathematicsDistinguished Lecturers

“My Cup of Combinatorial Tea”
Peter Hamburger

Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Liberal Arts Building, Room 159
7:30 p.m.
Host Department: Mathematical Sciences


Dr. Peter Hamburger has been a faculty member at IPFW since 1989. His research interest is combinatorics.

Though combinatorial arguments in mathematics—probability, statistics, logic, games and gambling, and sciences—have been used for a few thousand years, combinatorics became most important in the second half of the last century with the spread of computers. It is one of the most rapidly developing research areas of mathematics at the beginning of the 21st century, as the theoretical background of all modern computing and computer sciences.

Outside of mathematics it has important ramifications in symbolic logic, the philosophical foundation of mathematics, as well as in the sciences: physics, biology, chemistry, economy, business, game theory, theoretical computer science, computer algorithms, computer graphics, and cryptography. It can even be found in the creative arts. It also has major ramifications in the technologies such as digital broadcasting, computerized manufacturing, and robotic motions.

Professor Hamburger has published numerous research articles in the top journals of his area such as the Journal of Combinatorial Theory, European Journal of Combinatorics, and Journal of Graph Theory. He also co-authored several papers outside of mathematics in major journals such as Journal of Molecular Biology, Physics of Fluids, and in the leading art journal Leonardo of MIT Press. He has about 30 co-authors on five continents, among them his wife, Edit Hepp, an artist, and his two biochemist daughters, Agnes E. Hamburger Ph. D. at MIT, postdoc at Caltech, and Zsuzsa A. Hamburger Ph. D. at Caltech, postdoc at Stanford.