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Anvils of Blood, Oaths of Iron: Power, Secrecy, and Assassination in the Western Sudan

Picture of John Aden

John Aden
Executive Director, Africa/African American Historical Society and Museum, Fort Wayne

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Neff Hall 101

6:00 p.m.

In the dead of night in 1856, the king of Segu (Mali) is pulled from the royal palace by members of a secret society, taken to a sacred grove, tried, and assassinated. What did ironworker communities have to do with this intriguing historical event and with resisting Muslim jihad and French colonial expansion in the mid-19th-century? Come learn more...




John Aden is the Executive Director of the Africa/African American Historical Society and Museum. A 1988 Paul Harding High School graduate, he went on to earn degrees from Wabash College (BA, 1992) and Indiana University (MA, 1995; PhD, 2003). Aden is a former Fulbright Fellow to the Republic of Mali, where he conducted research among blacksmith communities on the nature of secrecy and power.