College of Arts and Sciences

Rethinking Gender and Intimate Partner Violence

First Mondays Series

Jody Ross, assistant professor of psychology

Jody Ross, PsychologyOctober 1, 2012
Noon - 1:15 p.m.
Science Building, Room 168

Intimate partner violence (IPV) often is associated with wife abuse and considered a crime against women. Many consider IPV to be the result of the patriarchal traditions of our society and the resulting inequalities between men and women. Based on this view, partner violence is assumed to be motivated by a desire to maintain power and control over one’s partner. However, research in the last 40 years suggests that the reality of partner violence is more complex and that such generalizations may not always be valid. In this presentation, I will discuss research on batterer typologies, emerging statistics on the prevalence of various forms of partner violence experienced by men and women, and data on motives that contradict some of the assumptions on which current batterer interventions are based.