College of Arts and Sciences

2013-2014 Presentations (Formerly First Mondays Series)

  • Steve Gillam, "Globular Star Clusters and Dark Matter," October 7, 2013. Past event details.
  • Mieko Yamada, "Diversifying English Uses/Users and the Role of English Language Education in Globalized Societies," November 4, 2013. Past event details.
  • Erik Ohlander, "Mysticism, Musicality, and Folk Epic: The Tragedy of Hir-Ranjha in a Kafi Performed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan," December 2, 2013. Past event details.
  • Assem Nasr, "Sexuality, Identity, and the Power of Language in the Arab World," February 3, 2014. Past event details.
  • Tanya Soule, "Microbial Sunscreens: Obstacles and Opportunities," March 3, 2014. Past event details.
  • Stephen Buttes, "What Does Poverty Look Like? Building Shantytown Fictions with José Donoso," April 7, 2014. Past event details.