College of Arts and Sciences

2011-12 Presentations (Formerly First Mondays)

  • Suin Roberts, "Migrants in the Media: The Making of Undesirable Foreigners and Model Minorities," October 3, 2011. Past event details.
  • Shannon Bischoff, "What is Linguistics and Why Should Anyone Care?" November 7, 2011. Past event details.
  • Steven Stevenson, "The Discovery of New Molecules at Plasma Temperatures," December 5, 2011. Past event details.
  • Abe Schwab, "Facing Death Like a Professional: Navigating the Health Care System at the End of Life," February 6, 2012. Past event details.
  • Janet Badia, "1972–2012: Forty Years in Feminist History," March 19, 2012. Past event details.
  • Hal Odden, "Globalization, Rapid Social and Cultural Change, and Adolescent Health and Well-Being in Samoa and Other Pacific Island Nations," April 2,2012. Past event details.