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Women's Studies Program


IPFW was the first public university in Indiana to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree with a women’s studies major, and today the Women’s Studies Program is one of the fastest growing areas of study at IPFW. Currently, IPFW offers a B.A., A.A., certificate, and minor in women’s studies, as well as a range of courses that meet college distribution and general education requirements.

Learning Women’s Studies

Emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to learning, the Women’s Studies Program brings together the expertise of faculty from a broad range of traditional academic disciplines, including biology, English, music, and psychology, to name just a few. This approach reflects the core principle behind interdisciplinary studies: namely, that the problems and potential of society are best understood through study, dialogue, and research that draws upon and integrates multiple disciplinary perspectives and expertise. Just as important, the Women’s Studies Program offers small classes that emphasize a student-centered approach to learning, one that recognizes the value of self-exploration, collective investigation, community dialogue, and feminist methods of research.

Given all of this, it’s not surprising that many students find their women’s studies educations transformative. Indeed, women’ studies can open the door to new perspectives on both women and the world.

Living Women’s Studies

A women’s studies degree has all the practical applications of a traditional degree, if not more. Students in our courses have the opportunity to strengthen their critical thinking, speaking, writing, and research skills—which are all cornerstones of successful career preparation. They study the large issues that are of increasing importance to employers, from diversity and globalization to conflict resolution and problem-solving. Reflecting this versatility and expertise, IPFW graduates in women’s studies have gone on to successful careers in law, education, human services, business, government, and non-profit organizations serving community needs and solving the problems of the 21st Century. They demonstrate firsthand that meaningful social transformation can come about only through the combination of knowledge, thought, and action.

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News & Events

April 7th-8th, 2017

2016-2017 Women's and Gender Studies Conference

Indiana University, South Bend

Women's studies students will travel to South Bend, IN to present their research to peers from across the state who are also doing work in the women's and gender studies field. The theme of this year's conference is Feminist Futures.

February 17, 2017

CFWS Annual Fundraiser is a Success!

Wunderkammer, Fort Wayne


Community Friends of Women's Studies (CFWS) hosted the event Paint Out Patriarchy! to fund IPFW Women's Studies scholarships and awards. Thank you to all volunteers and guests who came out to show support for women's studies! To learn more about this important organization visit 

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News & Events