College of Arts and Sciences

Careers in Sociology

Many of our students find work in social service areas with just a bachelor’s degree:

  • welfare case workers
  • probation officers
  • directors of social service programs
  • social services
  • law
  • industrial relations
  • government
  • criminal justice
  • personnel management
  • community organization
  • education
  • journalism

In short, a degree in sociology is appropriate for any job that requires an understanding of why people act the way they do.  If you plan to teach high school social studies, you may be qualified to receive your teaching certificate by completing a sociology major, additional classes in social studies, and a core of professional secondary education courses.

The American Sociological Association has some helpful additional information about careers in sociology.

In 2005, the ASA Department of Research and Development reported some mixed success regarding sociology graduates. This 2008 Data Brief updates what graduates are doing with an undergraduate bachelor's degree in sociology.