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Sociology Student Association

Sociology is one of the most diverse areas of study. We want to encourage the exploration of this field in its many facets. As a student group we have the power to drive that quest wherever we want to go. This year it might be looking into family violence and what the IPFW community can actively do to promote and support established organizations. Next year we could focus on homelessness in rural America. Maybe we decide to go to a Sociology Chapter Conference and see what that is all about. The possibilities are endless for your education and for the Sociology Student Association.

The Sociology Student Association (S.S.A.) is not your typical IPFW student organization. As Sociology is a great base for all things, we seek to explore them all. We are in the unique position to support other organizations on campus, based solely on the nature of Sociology. S.S.A. strives to support all students and encourage personal development through the understanding of what Sociology can accomplish. S.S.A. allows you to balance your desires to be an active and contributing member of your community while achieving your academic pursuits.

The Executive Committee is made of the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. Our goal is to make the organization something you will see as a tool to your educational career at IPFW.

  • Encourage all students to meet their career goals and objectives
  • Providing support for students in their scholarly endeavors
  • Pledge active student participation in all governance decisions that affect the academic environment of the Sociology Department
  • Provide a forum for the representation of innovative ideas to the benefit of faculty, staff and Sociology undergraduate students
  • Cooperate with other departments, colleges, universities, and/or national organizations to facilitate the obtainment of members’ common goals and objectives
  • Seek out opportunities to educate and raise awareness of the many social issues facing the IPFW community and the greater Fort Wayne area

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