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Psychology Faculty/Staff 2014

Psychology Department Faculty and Staff

Ground Level (left to right): Lesa Vartanian, Michelle Drouin, Jacqui Petersen
First Row (left to right): Dan Miller, Daren Kaiser, Josh Gerow, Carol Lawton (Chair, seated), Craig Hill, Elaine Blakemore (seated), Jeannie DiClementi, Ken Bordens, Brenda Lundy, Jody Ross
Back Row (left to right): Ryan Yoder, Bruce Abbott, David Young, Jay Jackson, Michael Bendele, Sara Simpson

Full-Time Faculty

NameOffice Phone Email Address Web Page
Abbott, Bruce (260) 481-6399 abbott@ipfw.edu Abbott
Bendele, Michael (260) 481-6436 bendele@ipfw.edu Bendele
Blakemore, Elaine (260) 481-6400 blakemor@ipfw.edu Blakemore
Blakemore, Thomas  (260) 481-6403 blakemot@ipfw.edu
Bordens, Kenneth (260) 481-6395 bordens@ipfw.edu Bordens
DiClementi, Jeannie (260) 481-6397 diclemej@ipfw.edu DiClementi
Drouin, Michelle (260) 481-6398 drouinm@ipfw.edu Drouin
Gerow, Josh (260) 481-6403 gerowj@ipfw.edu  
Hill, Craig (260) 481-6402 hillc@ipfw.edu Hill
Jackson, Jay (260) 481-6401 jacksonj@ipfw.edu Jackson
Kaiser, Daren (260) 481-6404 kaiserd@ipfw.edu Kaiser
Lawton, Carol (260) 481-5787 lawton@ipfw.edu Lawton
Lundy, Brenda (260) 481-6342 lundyb@ipfw.edu Lundy
Ross, Jody (260) 481-6396 rossj@ipfw.edu Ross
Miller, Daniel (260) 481-6406 millerda@ipfw.edu Miller
Vartanian, Lesa Rae (260) 481-5786 vartanil@ipfw.edu Vartanian
Yoder, Ryan (260) 481-6210 yoderrm@ipfw.edu Yoder
Young, David (260) 481-6394 young@ipfw.edu Young

Part-Time Faculty

NameOffice Phone Email Address
Malanson, Katie 481-6403 malansok@ipfw.edu
Parkerson, Annette 481-6403 parkersa@ipfw.edu
Rebman, Vic 481-6403 vic@rebmanconsulting.com
Scherbinski, Michael 481-6403 scherbim@ipfw.edu
Wardell, Danielle 481-6403 wardelld@ipfw.edu


NameOffice Phone Email Address
Petersen, Jacqueline 481-6403 petersej@ipfw.edu
Simpson, Sara 481-6422 simpsosa@ipfw.edu

Department Contact Information

Jacqueline Petersen, Secretary

Email: petersej@ipfw.edu
Phone: (260) 481-6403
Fax: (260) 481-6972

IPFW Psychology Department
Neff Hall 388
Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
2101 Coliseum Blvd. East
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499

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