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College of Arts and Sciences
NamePosition  Email Phone
Mark F. Masters, Ph.D. Chair and Professor of Physics         
masters@ipfw.edu 260.481.6153
David P. Maloney, Ph.D. Professor of Physics maloney@ipfw.edu 260.481.6292
Timothy T. Grove, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics                     
grovet@ipfw.edu 260.481.6157
Desiderio Vasquez, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics vasquez@ipfw.edu 260.481.6156
Gang Wang, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics wangg@ipfw.edu 260.481.6154
Jacob Millspaw, Ph.D. Instructor millspaj@ipfw.edu 260.481.5475
Steve Gillam, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Phyiscs

gillamsd@ipfw.edu 260-481-6150
Richard Miers, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Physics miers@ipfw.edu

Associate Faculty



Roy Galvin


Barbara Biedermann Department Secretary biedermb@ipfw.edu 260.481.6306
Dennis Shadle Demonstration Technician shadle@ipfw.edu 260.481.6151
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