College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The major in philosophy is a traditional humanities and liberal-arts program. At Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW), a double focus on context and 'transdisciplinarity' distinguishes our program and makes it unique in the Midwest.  A contextual approach means we study philosophical ideas as part of the social, political, and intellectual fabric of their times.  A transdisciplinary approach means we have our work informed by facts and results of cognate disciplines and the sciences.  We encourage our students to pursue our "Philosophy Plus Two" option within the Bachelor of Arts program.  This option allows up to two other disciplines to inform the student's capstone work in philosophy, and credits earned in those disciplines will count toward their major in philosophy.  This is a great way to assist those who want to double-major.

Core Courses:  13 credits

PHIL 10200:  Methods in the Humanities
PHIL 11000:  Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 11100:  Ethics
PHIL 15000:  Principles of Logic
PHIL 25200:  Intermediate Logic

History Courses:  12 credits

Four courses minimum; at least two from Cycle 1 and one from Cycle 2; *substitutions unlikely

Cycle 1 (Old History)

PHIL 30100:  History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 30200:  History of Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 30300:  History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL 30400:  History of 19th Century Philosophy

Cycle 2 (Recent History)

PHIL 4/51200:  Topics/Studies in Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 4/52200:  Topics/Studies in Continental Philosophy

Topics Courses:  12 credits

Four courses minimum; at least one from each Cycle; *substitutions likely under the Phil +2 Option

Cycle 1 (Systematic Philosophy I)

PHIL 43200:  Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 43500:  Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 46500:  Philosophy of Language

Cycle 2 (Systematic Philosophy II)

PHIL 35100:     Philosophy of Science
PHIL 35200:     Topics in the History & Philosophy of Science
PHIL 4/52500:  Topics/Studies in Metaphysics
PHIL 4/57100:  Topics/Studies in Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Art

Cycle 3 (Ethics)

PHIL 30500:  Philosophy of Feminism
PHIL 31200:  Medical Ethics
PHIL 32600:  Business Ethics
PHIL 32700:  Environmental Ethics
PHIL 32800:  Ethics & Animals
PHIL 32900:  Professional Ethics
PHIL 50400:  Human Rights Ethics

Capstone Work:  9 credits

At least two courses at the 500 level; capstone courses need to be approved by the student’s mentor/s; *substitutions possible

PHIL 58000:  Proseminar in Philosophy
PHIL 59000:  Directed Readings in Philosophy
                    Free Elective in Area 1, 2 (or Phil)

*All substitutions require the approval of the student's mentor and the department chair.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Bernd Buldt
Phone:  260-481-6091