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Strasbourg Summer Study Abroad Program

In July, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) participates in an intensive study program with the René Cassin International Institute of Human Rights on the Campus of the University of Strasbourg in France.  This Summer II program entails six credit hours of IPFW coursework. 

Founded by René Cassin, 1968 Nobel Peace Prize recipient who drafted the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Institute offers unique international learning experiences. Approximately 350 students gather from over 50 countries each year to participate in lectures and discussion sessions. In all, this program provides over 80 hours of lecture followed by a comprehensive exam. Those who pass receive a certificate from the René Cassin Institute.

This program is available to graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Undergraduate students need Philosophy and Law (PHIL 26000) as a prerequisite (typically offered Spring term).  Students may register for 6 credit hours of International Human Rights Law as POLS Y371 -International Human Rights Law I and II, or 3 credit hours of International Human Rights Law (POLS Y371) plus 3 credit hours of Human Rights Ethics (PHIL 50400).

From comments of previous program participants:

  • This program exposed me to a number of different cultures and gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.  Also, the speakers have been phenomenal.  I was able to attend lectures from law professors which gave me insight into law school. It was especially exciting to see a professor from GWU Law School as I planned to apply there.
  • What I liked most about this study abroad program was working with people from many different countries as well as other people from the United States on a common topic – Human Rights.
  • I liked the fact that Human Rights subjects were taught in an international setting. The subject became more dynamic and engaged diverse persons to apply tolerance, pluralism, and broadmindedness.
  • I would absolutely advise other students to go on this program. It is a great learning experience, but it is a great overall experience as well. I would tell them to study hard, but to enjoy the trip as well. I was able to travel to four countries during the course of this program in addition to attending the classes in International Human Rights Law.

Dr. Clark Butler, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the IPFW Institute for Human Rights, is very familiar with the area and the language.  He will accompany the students to Strasbourg and provide on-site academic and personal support as needed.  For further information, please contact him at butler@ipfw.edu or call (260) 481-6364.

Human Rights Related Courses at IPFW

  • INTL I200: Introduction to International Studies: Emerging Global Visions
  • PACS P200: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies - Humanities Perspectives
  • PACS P201: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies - Social/Behavioral Sciences Perspectives
  • POLS Y109: Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS Y371: Workshop in International Topics