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What it's like being a student in the Philosophy Department at IPFW

Students Joshua Bertsch and Grace Bender are featured in an interview on The Major Factor.


For more information about specific areas within our department, please contact the following advisors:

  • Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Analytic Philosophy
    Dr. Bernd Buldt, Department Chair
  • Philosophy, Ethics, Continental Philosophy
    Dr. Duston Moore, Lead Advisor  (sabbatical Spring 2014)
  • Ethics, Medical Ethics, Business Ethics, Professional Ethics; Certificate in Medical Ethics, Minor in Professional & Applied Ethics
    Dr. Abraham Schwab
  • Religious Studies
    Dr. Erik Ohlander, Program Coordinator and Lead Advisor

To facilitate networking opportunities, we strongly encourage each major to also choose a second faculty advisor from within the department; preferably one whose research and interests match the interests and educational objectives of the student.  

Links for IPFW Course Information & Degree Requirements

Tools for Success

  • Writing is as much a hallmark of Philosophy and Religious Studies as rhetoric and discussions.  It is also an integral part of good scholarship and professional success.  At The Writing Center, consultants are available to help tweak papers or brainstorm ideas. 
  • The Center for Academic Support and Advancement (CASA) offers many services at no charge.  Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities for:  tutoring and supplemental instruction; reading and study skills; testing and placement; workshops and assistance for English as a second language.
  • Use the "MyBLUEprint" tool under the Enrollment tab on your "myIPFW" page if you are currently in a different discipline and would like to see how your coursework might apply to a philosophy major.  Check the results with an advisor as other options may apply.
  • Check out our two Philosophy Scholarships:  James S. Churchill Philosophy Essay Contest and the Jean and Bill Bruening Philosophy Scholarship


To be considered for Graduation, you must submit an Application for Graduation.  Information about the ceremony can be found on the Commencement webpage.



The American Philosophical Association (APA) offers valuable advice on their site for anyone interested in pursuing a degree in philosophy. Take a minute to read up on the various traditional fields of philosophy, modern needs for higher thinking, and much more.

Religious Studies

A minor in religious studies serves as excellent preparation for graduate study in the field as well as furnishing skills and knowledge highly valued in career paths as varied as law, social work, the ministry, education, the nonprofit sector, and journalism to name but a few.

On campus assistance

Contact IPFW Career Services for information on part-time, work-study, internships, upcoming job fairs, and positions available through JobZone.

Links for Information & Research

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