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College of Arts and Sciences

Deborah Hoile

Deborah Hoile is the secretary for the Philosophy Department and also manages the department's webpages.

Deb performs a myriad of tasks in addition to assisting students and maintaining records; one of which is bailing the faculty out of various predicaments and emergencies.  She always responds with grace and good humor to the following requests:

  • "Help, I need 100 copies of this article for my class starting in 5 minutes!"
  • "Deb, will you help me fill out this form?  It's due now!"
  • "Deb, we're hosting another conference, please add it to the webpage."
  • "Deb, my computer screen says this program performed an illegal operation, but I didn't do anything illegal.  Please help!"
  • "Deb, I've lost my Magic cards and I need to judge a nerd-fest in 10 minutes! Can you counterfeit them for me?!"