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Dr. Joyce A. Lazier Dr. Lazier

Continuing Lecturer

  • Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 15
  • Phone:  260-481-6090
  • E-mail:  lazierj@ipfw.edu


  • University of Nebraska, PhD  2003
  • University of Nebraska, MA   1996
  • Illinois Wesleyan University BA (cum laude and with honors), 1991

Areas of Interest

  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Applied and Normative Ethics
  • Philosophy of Mind

Current Research

  • The Epicurean Influence on Kant's "emotionless" Morality (duty for duty's sake)
  • A Kantian Perspective on the United Nations, World Poverty, and the World Trade Organization
  • The Softening of Morality: Why Intolerance Should be Welcomed
  • How Kantian Moral Theory Goes Above and Beyond Consequentialism, Egoism, and Aristotelian Virtue Ethics
  • Ethics: A University Reader (working title)  Progressive Frontiers Press Kant chapter
  • Teaching methods using iPads and eText


  • PHIL-11000  Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL-11100  Ethics
  • PHIL-12000  Critical Thinking
  • PHIL-30100  Ancient Philosophy
  • PHIL-30200  Medieval Philosophy
  • PHIL-30300  History of Modern Philosophy

Selected Publications