College of Arts and Sciences

William Bruening

William H. Bruening, PhD
Professor Emeritus

Education:   University of Notre Dame, PhD
Areas of Interest: Ethics, Applied Ethics, Medical Ethics, Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Religion

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Bernd Buldt

Bernd W. Buldt, PhD
Department Chair

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 21
Phone:  260-481-6091
Homepage:  Bernd Buldt's IPFW Homepage
Personal Homepage:
  Bernd Buldt's Personal Homepage
Education:   University of Bochum, PhD
Areas of Interest: Modern Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, Heidegger, History of Philosophy of Science
(Probabalistic Reasoning, Mathematics), Kant, 19th Century Philosophy

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Clark Butler

Clark W. Butler, PhD
Professor Emeritus

Education:   University of Southern California, PhD 
Areas of Interest: Hegel, Human Rights, 19th Century Philosophy, Metaphysics

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Johnathan Decker

Johnathan P. Decker, PhD
Continuing Lecturer

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 15
Phone:  260-481-6091
Homepage:  Johnathan Decker's IPFW Homepage
Education: Trinity Theological Seminary, PhD
Areas of Interest:  African Traditional Philosophy & Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Critical Thinking, Apologetics, Hermeneutics, Ancient Languages (Greek, Hebrew), Comparative Religions

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Quinton Dixie

Quinton H. Dixie, PhD
Associate Professor

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 13
Phone:  260-481-5724
Homepage:  Quinton Dixie's IPFW Homepage
Education: Union Theology Seminary, PhD
Areas of Interest: African-American Religious History, Religion and Labor, Hip-Hop and Spirituality,
Religion and the Civil Rights Movement

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Elsby photo

Charlene Elsby, PhD
Assistant Professor

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 5
Phone:  260-481-0509
Homepage:  Charlene Elsby's IPFW Homepage
Education: McMaster University, PhD
Areas of Interest:  Ancient Greek Philosophy, Metaphysics, Realist Phenomenology, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Logic, Philosophy and Popular Culture

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Robert Hoffman, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 11
Phone:  260-481-6364
Education: University of Pennsylvania, PhD
Areas of Interest: 

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Jeff Lauer

Jeffrey A. Lauer, MA
Term Lecturer

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 28
Phone: 260-481-6366
Homepage:  Jeff Lauer's IPFW Homepage
Education:  University of Notre Dame, MA; Bowling Green State University, Doctoral Candidate
Areas of Interest:  Philosophy of Communication/Rhetoric, Critical Thinking, Epistemology, Ontology,
Philosophy of Religion

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Ken Long

Kenneth A. Long, MA
Continuing Lecturer

Office: Liberal Arts, Room 07
Phone: 260-481-6853
Homepage:  Ken Long's IPFW Homepage
Education: Ohio State University, MA; Purdue University, Doctoral Candidate
Areas of Interest: Symbolic Logic, Philosophy of Science, Ethical Theory

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Erik Ohlander

Erik S. Ohlander, PhD
Associate Professor,
Religious Studies Program Coordinator

Office: Liberal Arts, Room 09
Phone: 260-481-0504
  Erik Ohlander's IPFW Homepage
Education:   University of Michigan, PhD
Areas of Interest: Islamic Studies, Social Cultural Intellectual History of the Late Antique and Medieval Near East,
Mysticism, Method and Theory in the Study of Religion

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 Abraham Schwab

Abraham P. Schwab, PhD

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 17
Phone:  260-481-6971
Homepage:  Abraham Schwab's IPFW Homepage
ResearchGate Webpage:
  Abraham Schwab's ResearchGate
Education:  Loyola University Chicago, PhD with Distinction
Areas of Interest: Bioethics and its intersections with Epistemology/Philosophy of Science, Professional Ethics

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Jeff Strayer

Jeffrey M. Strayer, MFA
Continuing Lecturer

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 07A
Phone:  260-481-6301
Homepage:  Jeff Strayer's IPFW Homepage
Personal Homepage:  Jeff Strayer's Personal Homepage
Education:   Art Institute of Chicago, MFA
Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Art, Ethical Theory, History of Analytic Philosophy

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Kent Young

Kent A. Young, DMin
Limited Term Lecturer

Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 28
Phone:  260-481-6366
Homepage:  Kent Young's IPFW Homepage
Education:   Fuller Theological Seminary, DMin
Areas of Interest:  Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, Ontology, Philosophy of Mind

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