College of Arts and Sciences

The IPFW Department of Mathematical Sciences web site is a starting point to find resources available on campus or on-line, in support of our mission in teaching, research, and service to the university and community.

Departmental Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Provide and administer programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching.

  • Provide and administer programs leading to the Master of Science degree in Mathematics and the Master of Arts degree in Mathematics Teaching.

  • Serve other departments and programs at IPFW through the creation and teaching of mathematics and statistics courses designed to meet the needs of their students.

  • Teach and support developmental mathematics courses created to meet the needs of mathematically underprepared students at IPFW.

  • Conduct research and perform scholarly activity in the areas of mathematics, statistics, mathematics education, and mathematical pedagogy; disseminate the results of this research to the academic community; provide expertise in these areas to the academic and regional communities; and render service to the profession.