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PI Math Club and Actuarial Students Club Events, 2016-17

  • Prof. A. Downs, IPFW Department of Political Science, When Math Mattered in Indiana, Dec. 7, 2016, at noon in KT 216
    • Math and politics collided in Indiana in 1897. The result almost was a new way to square the circle.
  • Prof. D. Vasquez, IPFW Department of Physics, Chaos in Dynamical Systems, November 16.  PDF
    • Systems that evolve with time, such as insect populations or fluid flows, sometimes present erratic and seemingly random behavior. Nevertheless, the systems are fully deterministic: the future can be completely determined from the current state of the system. In this talk, we will present two models that exhibit this type of behavior. We will explore a very simple model population model that shows a transition to chaos from a steady state, as we vary a single parameter. We will also present a combustion model that exhibits chaotic behavior as we vary the size of the domain.
  • Sloppy Joe and Volleyball event, dinner starting at 6:00, women's volleyball game vs. IUPUI starting at 7:00, Nov. 1.  PDF
  • Prof. S. Gillam, IPFW Department of Physics, Updates on the IPFW undergraduate astronomical observatory, Oct. 5. PDF The Grand Opening of the Observatory was Oct. 21, at its West Campus location on W. Baker Drive.
  • The IPFW Actuarial Student club's first meeting of Fall 2016 was Sept. 15.
    • PowerPoint presentation by A. Hartle: pptsmalicon
  • Beginning of Semester Picnic: Sept. 12, 2016. PDF
  • IPFW Actuarial Picnic: July 7, 2016.  Photos from this event

PI Math Club and IPFW Actuarial Students Club Pictures, 2016-17

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