Graduate Studies

The Master of Science with a Major in Mathematics program is a more traditional Mathematics program, ideal for secondary education or those interested in a Ph.D program. Students in this program should have a strong undergraduate background in mathematics, including as much work as possible in abstract algebra, linear algebra, and advanced calculus or analysis.

Plans of study contain at least 30 credits, and typically include the following courses:

Course Credits

STAT519 - Introduction to Probability


MA571 - Elementary Topology


Four courses selected from:


MA525 - Introduction to Complex Analysis


MA540 - Analysis I


MA541 - Analysis II


MA553 - Introduction to Abstract Algebra


MA554 - Linear Algebra


MA556 - Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, MA560 - Fundamental Concepts of Geometry, or MA575 - Linear Graph Theory


Credits in another mathematics course


Credits in additional courses approved by your advisory committee




It is acceptable to take all electives in mathematical sciences, however if you courses outside of mathematical sciences are taken, there must be at least two from the same discipline. For more information about specific courses visit the IPFW Graduate Bulletin.