College of Arts and Sciences

Course Sequencing for Mathematical Sciences courses not offered every semester:

Update: This list was current as of March 2016 and is expected to apply for the 2016-17 academic year.  However, the scheduling of some 500-level courses in future semesters may be affected by the campus-wide organizational restructuring that began in October 2016.

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Mathematics  (see below for Statistics)
MA 263 every fall
MA 273 every fall
MA 275 every fall
MA 305 every spring
MA 314 every spring
MA 417/418 even spring
MA 441 every spring
MA 453 every fall
MA 460 every fall
MA 510 odd spring
MA 511 odd fall
MA 521 odd spring
MA 523 odd fall
MA 525 even spring
MA 540 even fall
MA 541 odd spring
MA 553 odd fall
MA 554 even spring
MA 560 even spring
MA 571 odd fall
MA 575 odd spring
STAT 240 every spring
STAT 340 every fall
STAT 511 every semester
STAT 512 every fall
STAT 514 odd spring
STAT 516 every fall
STAT 517 every spring
STAT 519 even fall
STAT 520 every spring
STAT 528 odd spring
Irregularly Scheduled Courses: 
MA 534, 556, 580, 598, 611 

Archive of past schedules