College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Teaching Assistants

The following are graduate teaching assistants or research assistants for the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Fall 2015

Charles Burd
Office: KT281
Phone: 260-481-0181 
E-mail: BurdCR (at)

Joshua Lizardi
Office: KT281
Phone: 260-481-0181 
E-mail: LizaJR01 (at)

Angelia Niederhelman
Office: KT297
Phone: 260-481-5721 
E-mail: NiedA01 (at)

Jackson Power
Office: KT293
Phone: 260-481-6102 
E-mail: CartJW02 (at)

Dylan Rudy
Office: KT297
Phone: 260-481-5721 
E-mail: RudyDS01 (at)