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Master of Liberal Studies in Fine Arts

Master of Liberal Studies in Fine Arts

What is the Master of Liberal Studies program in Fine Arts?

The Master of Liberal Studies program in Fine Arts is an interdisciplinary graduate program through the College of Art and Sciences with a studio-art track that leads to the Master of Liberal Studies (M.L.S.). A student may choose to focus their studio experience (12 credit hours) solely in one area or expose themselves to new areas of interest. 

Who is eligible for admission to the program?

For regular admission, students must have completed an undergraduate degree with an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of B or better. If students do not meet the GPA requirement, it may be possible to admit them conditionally.

What are the program requirements?

To earn the M.L.S. in Fine Arts, students must complete 33 credits of courses approved for graduate credit. Students complete the M.L.S. core courses, studio art courses along with a studio-art project for the Capstone Project, and graduate-level electives in the College of Arts and Sciences.

M.L.S. core (12 credit hours)


LBST D510: Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies  3
LBST D501: Humanities Seminar  3
LBST D502: Social Science Seminar  3
LBST D503: Science Seminar  3
9-12 credit hours of courses from a particular area, including:

Any two of the following FINA Graduate Studio Courses:

FINA P435 or P436 Advanced Ceramics

FINA P421 or P422 Advanced Drawing

FINA P433 or P434 Advanced Metalsmithing

FINA P425 or P426 Advanced Painting

FINA P441 or P442 Advanced Printmaking

FINA P431 or P432 Advanced Sculpture


Capstone Project LBST D500 Graduate Project:

The graduate project will be arranged as an independent study with the Department of Fine Arts faculty. Students will submit a project which proposes in-depth study of a visual concept. A body of artwork will be created and presented to the faculty in the form of a portfolio presentation or visual display. A written paper on the project will accompany the presentation or visual display.















Graduate-level courses in the College of Arts and Sciences  9
For additional information contact Rachel E. Hile, Director of the Liberal Studies Program.

Total Credits