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College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Certificate in LGBT

LGBT Program Requirements

LGBT Courses (all required; 10 credits)

LGBT 20000 Introduction to Scholarship on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues 
Credits: 3

One of the following courses: (a) an LGBT course beyond LGBT 20000, (b) a course cross-listed as a GNDR course focusing on an LGBT topic, or (c) an independent study course from any academic department focusing on an LGBT topic. Students may request to substitute an LGBT-relevant course from another academic department in place of the independent study, as approved by the director of the LGBT program.  Credits: 3

LGBT 40000 Capstone Independent Study on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues Credits: 3
LGBT 40100 Portfolio Evaluation  Credits: 1

Sexuality Courses (select two  from different academic departments; 6 credits; no prerequisites for courses unless indicated)

PSY 44400 Human Sexual Behavior  Credits: 3
prerequisites: junior/senior standing and PSY 12000 (3 credits)
WOST W225 Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture  Credits: 3
WOST W340 Topics in Lesbian and Gay Culture  Credits: 3

Gender Courses (select one; 3 credits; no prerequisites for courses unless indicated)

ANTH E402 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective  Credits: 3
COM 41000 Gender Roles and Communication  Credits: 3
prerequisite: COM 11400 (3 credits)
OLS 45400  Gender and Diversity in Management  Credits: 3
prerequisite: OLS 25200 (3 credits)
PHIL 30500 Philosophical Theories of Feminism  Credits: 3
PSY 34500 Psychology of Women  Credits: 3
prerequisite: PSY 12000 (3 credits)
PSY 36500 The Development of Gender Roles in Children  Credits: 3
prerequisite: PSY 23500 or PSY 36900 (3 credits)
WOST W210 Introduction to Women’s Studies  Credits: 3
WOST W240 Topics in Feminism  Credits: 3
other courses focusing predominantly on gender approved by an LGBT certificate advisor  Credits: 3