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Alumni Receives Honor

Jansen Langle was accepted in the JET (Japanese Exchange Teaching) program. It is a hghly competitive program. Jansen is going to be an assistant teacher of English at two high schools in Naruto, Japan. He was matched with this particular city because of his knowledge of German. Naruto's sister city is Lueneburg, Germany. Jansen is expected to help out with German exchange students who come to Naruto every year.

Language Lab

Please come and see what the Language Lab is all about!

There are many new and exciting things happening with the Language Lab. Check out the list below:  

The lab is open from 10am to 8pm Monday - Thursday; 10am to 4pm-Friday.

In this lab, you may:
Use the TVs to watch:
• Dvds (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic movies and documentaries)
Use the Computers to access:
• your online class audio/video programs
• foreign language sites
as well as to:
• listen to foreign music CDs
• watch foreign language DVDs
• use foreign language CD-Roms
Browse the bookshelves to:
• Find books, magazines, movies, CDs, and reference material (some of it will be available for check-out)
Get tutoring sessions
• CASA tutors will be available at certain scheduled times
Attend various events:
• Spanish Table, French club, Chinese Corner
• various presentations (on Culture, grammar, etc…)
• Fun times  (Games, talent shows, tongue twister contests, etc…)
• weekly International movies

Please look at the Bulletin Board to see what activities are coming up.

 ILCS Newsletter

The ILCS Department Chair and the departmental secretaries have written newsletters in recent years to help keep faculty, staff, students and alumni informed about the department and each other.

Download previous newsletters:

  • Spring 2014 (PDF)




The IPFW Language Institute is a collaboration between IPFW and area high schools.  In the United States in recent years certain languages that did not originate in Europe such as Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese have come to be seen as strategically important for international politics and economics, yet are not taught as widely as French, German, and Spanish. 

In Fall 2009 IPFW began to offer Elementary Arabic and Elementary Chinese in classes on the IPFW campus that included both IPFW students and high school students from four districts in Allen County.  In Fall 2010 Elementary Japanese is being offered, and the Arabic and Chinese classes will include Intermediate as well as Elementary levels.  This is an exciting time for the Department of International Language and Culture Studies, as our language offerings increase from three languages to six, and the inclusion of motivated high school students in our classes adds to the energy of these classes!