College of Arts and Sciences

History Mentorship Program

The Department of History is proud to announce a new initiative for Fall 2017 -- History Student Mentorship Program.  Four history majors have been selected as mentors for the 2017-2018 academic year.  The student mentors are a great source for history majors, whether they are new to the department or IPFW, or who are experiencing challenges in their studies. 

Each student mentor will have regular office hours every week.  

Fall 2017 Office Hours for History Student Mentors: 

THURSDAYS 10:45-11:45 AM LA 148  NICHOLAS 

If you have questions about the History Student Mentor Program, or if you are unable to make it to any of the office hours, but would like to take advantage of the program, please contact Dr. Livschiz, Lead Advisor for the Department of History (

Learn more about these mentors below! 

Bre Anne Briskey

My name is Bre Anne Briskey. I am a senior Chapman scholar, majoring in History and Psychology. I am interested in several areas in history including Latin America, eugenics, genocide, and the history of science and medicine. A fun fact about me is that when I'm not busy with classwork,  I am reading or baking desserts, my two favorite hobbies. Another fun fact about myself  is that I am a positive person; I am always looking for the bright side in things!

I wanted to be a history mentor in order to help students during college. When I first came to IPFW, I realized that I felt unprepared. Everything seemed so different from high school. I thought it would be nice if I could go to an older student and have them help me navigate through my first few semesters of college. By becoming a history mentor, I hope I can help in any way I can!

As I have been a history student at IPFW for a while, I can help in a variety of ways. If you do not know where to go on campus to get help, I can help with that. I can also help provide study tips so that when you have an upcoming assignment or exam, it does not seem so intimidating.  Another thing I can help with is if you are feeling stressed about a class, I can help you make plan on how to get through the class. If you have any questions, I can try to help you.Please drop by sometime as it will be nice to meet you!

Kyler Hudson 

My name is Kyler Hudson and I am a senior of History and Political Science at IPFW. I chose to become a peer mentor because I struggled at the beginning of my college career but have since developed habits and practices which have proved successful. I want to share my experience with other students, so that they might avoid similar mistakes and accept valuable opportunities. I can offer advice on writing better papers, studying for exams, joining or starting clubs, applying for grants and scholarships, giving speeches, or participating in a student exchange program.

Nicholas Miller

My name is Nicholas Miller.  I am a non-traditional student double majoring in Anthropology and History, and double minoring in Medieval Studies and Psychology. One of the reasons I chose to be a mentor is to prove that anyone can go to college and succeed. Through all the struggles, diligence and hard work will let you persevere. I am comfortable with assisting individuals with anything history related, citations, structure, brainstorming, etc. Also, I am comfortable with talking about more relaxed issues or if you just need insight into the history department and the professors themselves. Everyone involved with the history department is really nice, and we are all here to help you succeed and see that you pass.

Amara Scheitlin

My name is Amara Scheitlin.  I am majoring in both history and political science. I enjoy learning about the world and how countries interact with one another regarding topics ranging from politics to culture. I have prior experience in tutoring, which has helped me learn how to communicate with my peers and work through problems together. I think it is helpful for students to develop relationships with their classmates in order to enhance their academic career, and I would like to work with any students who are struggling from school-related stress or anxiety.