College of Arts and Sciences

The minor in film and media studies provides a coherent introduction to the basics of film/media literacy. The program is designed to develop a critical understanding of the historical, theoretical, aesthetic, cultural and institutional contexts of film, television, and other electronic and digital mass media.

This minor consists of 15 credit hours distributed as below. At least eight credits must be completed as resident credit at IPFW.

For more information about film and media studies see the IPFW bulletin and/or contact your advisor.

Course Number

Course Title


Film/media aesthetics


One of the following:

FILM K101 Introduction to Film Studies
COM 24800 Introduction to Media Criticism and Analysis

Film Media History


One of the following:

FILM K201 Survey of Film History
COM 25000 Mass Communication and Society

Upper-level requirements


Two of the following:

FILM K302 Genre Study in Film
FILM K390 The Film and Society
COM 33800 Documentary and Experimental Film and Video
COM 42100 Media Genres

Free Elective


One of the following:

COM 42200 Women, Men, and Media
COM 43600 Script Writing
COM 49100 Special Topics in Communication (with appropriate topic)
ENG-L 39400 Film as Literature
FREN F460 French Fiction in Film
POLS Y200 Contemporary Political Topics (with appropriate topic)