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The pedagogy portion of this site features sections on curricular assumptions, responding to student writing, responding to drafts, and assessing work. Much of this information is taken from the IPFW Writing Program Handbook.  The IPFW writing curriculum relies on these assumptions about students and writing. These principles inform not just the W131 curriculum, but the curricula for all writing courses and all the writing program's policies and procedures. They are laid out here as an invitation to share them with your students, and also as an invitation to consider what kinds of assumptions underlie the activities and handouts you design for your students.

Course Information

Fact sheets, rationales, and sample syllabi and assignment sheets are all included in the course information portion of our site. Currently the three courses detailed are

  • ENG W129 Principles of Composition
  • ENG W131 Elementary Composition
  • ENG W233 Intermediate Expository Writing


Documents from the defunct WIReD site can be found in the materials section including assignments, exercises, and plan sheets on the following topics: course management, drafting, midterm/final exam, and grammatical concerns. The links here are to Word, Adobe Acrobat, and PowerPoint files that can aid in classroom management.

Professional Development

The sites and links below offer opportunities for professional development.  They were selected according to their relevance to the discipline and encompass areas such as pedagogical sources, writing teacher associations, conference sites, online journals, and LTL support.


IPFW offers a variety of services to its faculty. However, often new instructors are not aware of many of IPFW's services. Listed in the policies section are some frequently asked questions and their answers about classroom matters, department matters, and campus matters.

Writing Showcase

Each spring, the Department of English and Linguistics and its Writing Program sponsor a student writing showcase featuring undergraduate academic and professional writing.

Faculty Governance

Through the Web site for the IPFW Facutly Senate, you can find links to such things as Senate documents, promotion and tenure guidelines, and academic calendars. A good source of information on policy relating to IPFW.

Academic/Faculty/Staff handbooks are available online from Indiana University and Purdue University.

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