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Department of English and Linguistics - Resources for Faculty and Graduate Students

Information for Graduate Students

This page presents information that may help you complete your MA or MAT. The information is arranged in a kind of chronological order, from when you begin the program to when you graduate.

As You Progress Through the Program

We offer several handouts to help you track your progress through your graduate program. Choose the course record sheet for:

You may also need to visit the IPFW Office of Graduate Studies for policies and information relating to the campus-wide Office of Graduate Studies. In addition to teaching assistanships, IPFW may be able to help through its IPFW Graduate Student Travel Grant Program, a program designed to help graduate students who are involved in facutly-mentored research projects. Application procedures are included.

As You Write Your Master's Thesis

For an overview of the thesis project (and the steps you should take to complete it), see Two Views of the Procedure for Completing a Master's Thesis [PDF].

When you are ready to submit a final draft of your thesis, you should consult the Guide to the Preparation of Theses and Dissertations. Available online from IU Bloomington, this guide provides basic guidelines, as well as template pages, for your thesis.

When You Are Ready to Graduate

Once you have completed all requirements for your degree, be sure to complete an Application for Advanced Degree, which is available from the main office in Liberal Arts Building, room 145.