Celebrate 50 Years
College of Arts and Sciences

Club Officers for 2014-2015

  • President: Andrea Shriner
  • Vice President: Stan Boschet
  • Secretary: Dusty Gremaux
  • Treasurer: Christine Bishop
  • Activity Chairman: Tre Steffen

Club Email: IPFWChemClub@gmail.com 

Find them on Facebook!   https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/ipfwchemistryclub/

Future Events:

  • TBA

Past Events:

  • Satek Winery tour
  • Visit to Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Bus trips to Fermilab and The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago
  • Parkview Regional Medical Center Tour
  • Chemistry Week Activities
  • Bonfire with s'mores and hotdogs
  • Fundraiser at BWW's - annually since 2009
  • Pie-In-Face: Throw a pie at your favorite chemistry professor, April 2006 and 2011, October 2013 and 2014