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Your donation to the College of Arts and Sciences and our departments can strengthen programs, support research and outstanding faculty, and provide a more affordable education for our students. You can give to COAS or a specific department. Some departments give the option of focusing your donation to specific areas, like scholarships, or you can provide more general gifts that the departments can use as needed.

IPFW makes giving easy. If you'd like to electronically donate to any of the areas listed below, click here, and select College of Arts and Sciences. For other methods of donation, see here.

Donation Categories

College of Arts and Sciences Endowed Scholarship
College of Arts and Sciences Discretionary Fund
College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships
College of Arts and Sciences Gift
Audiology and Speech
Biological Sciences Gift
Brown Ink Society
Chemistry Discretionary Fund
Chemistry Gift
Chemistry Scholarships
Communication Discretionary Fund
Communication Gift
English and Linguistics Gift
Geosciences Sunderman Memorial Sculpture
History Discretionary Fund
Inst. for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Endowment
International Language and Culture Studies Gift
Math Scholarships
Mathematical Sciences Discretionary Fund
Mathematical Science Gift
Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics
Philosophy Gift
Physics Discretionary Fund
Political Sciences Gift
Psychology Gift
Sociology Gift
Women's Studies Gift Fund
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