College of Arts and Sciences

Photo of Elaine Blakemore

From Interim Dean Elaine Blakemore,

Students in IPFW’s College of Arts and Sciences receive an outstanding education in the liberal arts tradition. A liberal arts education is focused on providing students with abilities and skills in writing, speaking, and critical thinking, a basic understanding of the meaning of scientific evidence and in the use of quantitative skills, a value for the rich traditions found in history and literature and the arts, and an understanding and respect for our own cultural heritage and for the traditions of others.

Students should know how important these skills are in the workplace. Many surveys of employers find that they are interested in potential employees who can work well in teams, especially with people who are different than they are, who have a basic understanding of science, who can speak and write well, who can think clearly about complex problems and propose effective solutions to them, who can use numbers and statistics, and who have an understanding of the global realities of the workplace of today. This is exactly the kind of education we are committed to in IPFW’s College of Arts and Sciences.

We have lost some faculty lines over the past few years, but as the budget stabilizes, we are hoping to be able to fill faculty positions in the areas of greatest need. In spite of the challenges we have faced, we continue our long tradition of excellent teaching and active, committed scholarship on the part of our faculty. Across the departments in the College, there are many faculty who have experienced recognition and awards for their fine teaching and who are known nationally and internationally for their contributions to the scholarship of their disciplines. We are justifiably proud of the fine faculty in the college.

Elaine Blakemore
Interim Dean