College of Health and Human Services

Medical Imaging BS Degree Requirements


Advising Bingo Sheet - BS Medical Imaging

                                       IPFW General Education Requirements



Course Title


 A1 Written Communication ENG W131 Elementary Composition 3
 A2 Speaking and Listening 3
 A3 Quantitative Reasoning MA 153  Algebra & Trigonometry I 3
 B4 Scientific 3
B5 Social Behavior 3
B6 Humanistic & Artistic 3
B7 Interdisciplinary/Creative   3
A or B Elective BIOL 20300 Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
A or B Elective 3
A or B Elective 3
C8 Capstone Experience RADX R481 Internship/Capstone 3


Recommended Gen Ed Courses that meet all the outcomes for the given Category
A1 A2 A3 B4 B5 B6 B7
ENG W233 COM 11400
THTR 11400
NUR 33700
STAT 12500
BIOL 32700
CHM 11100
CHM 11500
PHYS 21800 PHYS 22300
OLS 25200
PSY 12000
PSY 23500
SOC S161
SOC S163
PHIL 11100   Ethics
PHIL 31200 Med Ethic
MUS L153
PHIL 12000
REL 11200
ENG R190
SOC S314

Recommended Elective Gen Ed (Courses approved for Gen Ed Credit that do not meet all outcomes for a given Category)
FNN 30300 (B4)
COM 21200 (B5)
NUR 30900 (B5)
PPOL H120 (B5)

Prerequisite Courses
Term Course Course Name Credits
Fall (16 cr) BIOL 20300 * Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
ENG W131 or Honors ENG W140 * Elementary Composition 3
MA 153 * Algebra & Trigonometry I 3
General Education A2 3
General Education B4 3
Spring (16 cr) BIOL 20400 * Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
CHHS 10600 * Medical Terminology 3
General Education B5 3
General Education B6 3
General Education B7 3
Total 32

* Calculated into prerequisite admission GPA.  Students must have a minimum 2.7 Prerequisite curriculum GPA by the end of their spring semester to be eligible to apply to the program.

Professional  Education - Required Courses (88 credits)
Term Course Course Name Credits
Fall (15 cr)
RADX-R105 Orientation to Radiography/Medical Imaging 3
RADX-R106 Foundations of Patient Care in Medical Imaging 3
RADX-R111 Radiography I with Lab 3
RADX-R270 Radiologic Physics 3
General Edu 1-3 3
Spring (12 cr)
RADX-R190 Introduction to Clinical Education 3
RADX-R211 Radiography II with Lab 3
RADX-R215 Medical Imaging Modalities 3
RADX-R271 Foundations of Image Acquisition 3
Sum I (2 cr)
RADX-R191 Clinical Education I 2
Fall (15 cr) RADX-R192 Clinical Education II 3
RADX-R255 Radiation Biology/ Protection in Radiography 3
RADX-R306 Radiographic Pathology 3
RADX-R371 Advanced Image Acquisition 3
General Education 1-3 3
Spring (15 cr) RADX-R291 Clinical Education III 3
RADX-R304 Cross Sectional Anatomy 3
RADX-R307 Pharmacology for Medical Imaging 3
RADX-R320 Professional Development in Medical Imaging 3
RADX-R450 Quality Management in Medical Imaging 3
Sum I (2 cr) RADX-R292 Clinical Education IV 2
Fall (15 cr) RADX-R293 Clinical Education V 3
RADX-R305 Radiographic Image Critique 3
RADX-R401 Legal Issues in Imaging 3
RADX-R451 Principles of Computed Tomography 3
Spring (12 cr) RADX-R391 Clinical Education VI 3
RADX-R310 Seminar in Radiography 3
RADX-R400 Leadership 3
RADX-R481 Capstone-C8 3

   * Course sequence subject to change at the discretion of the Medical Imaging Chair

Fall and Spring Semester:  Clock Hour/Credit Hour Ratio

  • Lecture:  1 Clock Hour = 1 Credit Hour
  • Lab:  2-3 Clock Hours = 1 Credit Hour
  • Clinical:  6 Clock Hours = 1 Credit Hour

Summer I Session:  Clock Hour/Credit Hour Ratio*

  • Lecture:  2.5 Clock Hour = 1 Credit Hour
  • Lab:  5-7.5 Clock Hours = 1 Credit Hour
  • Clinical:  15 Clock Hours = 1 Credit Hour

*This is course work offered during a summer session and that is equivalent in content, contact hours, and credit value to course work offered during a regular semester. Because the length of the course differs from the regular semester, all deadlines and time periods will be prorated. 

Transfer Credit Policy

General Education Prerequisite Coursework
Transfer credits will be accepted for courses equivalent to General Education Prerequisite courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities in which the student has earned a C- or higher.  Equivalents to application requirements will be evaluated on an individual basis upon petition from an applicant.

Professional Education Coursework
Requests for transfer credits for professional radiography courses will be reviewed by the Department of Medical Imaging on an individual basis.  A request for such transfer credit does not guarantee approval of credit.

Students who have completed an A.S. degree or diploma from an accredited program and currently hold ARRT certification are eligible to complete the BSMI.  Transfer credits will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Please contact the Medical Imaging department to make an appointment for transcript evaluation.