College of Health and Human Services

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has identified a radiation limit of 0.5 rem for fetal exposure.  The reason the NRC has established this limit is to protect the embryo/fetus from unnecessary radiation levels that may put the developing baby at risk.

The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiologic Sciences is committed to working with students who choose to declare a pregnancy while enrolled in the program.  The decision to declare a pregnancy is completely voluntary and the student may revoke in writing the declaration of pregnancy at any time.

The student who elects to declare pregnancy must complete the
Declaration of Pregnancy Form and submit the form to the Department Chair or Clinical Director.  The declaration form data includes an estimation of date of conception and anticipated due date.  The form includes a statement indicating that the declared student is aware of the risks of radiation and that dose equivalent limit to the embryo/fetus for each month of pregnancy is 0.5 mSv (5.0 mSv or 0.5 rem for entire pregnancy).

Once a student declares pregnancy, a fetal monitor badge will be supplied to the student and fetal exposure will be monitored throughout the pregnancy or until such time as the student revokes the declaration.

Students who declare pregnancy may elect one of the following program modifications:

  1. The student may elect to complete the program without any modifications of her clinical and didactic requirements.
  2. The student may request from the Faculty Committee and individualized program for completing program clinical and didactic requirements during the pregnancy.
  3. The student may take a leave of absence (LOA) of one year duration.  Such a student will be granted a leave of absence with a place reserved in the following class.  Any college work previously completed at that time will be granted credit.  The student must complete requirements of didactic courses before proceeding to the next course level.
  4. The student may elect an LOA for more than one year duration.  In this case, the student must submit another application to the program, and go through the admission screening process.  No place will be reserved in the following class.  The need to repeat previously completed professional course work will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Students who do not disclose a pregnancy are assuming all risks associated with continuing in the program and progress through the program will not be modified.

Policy modified June 2015