Celebrate 50 Years
College of Health and Human Services

Photo of Cheryl Duncan


Cheryl Duncan, M.S., RT(R)(QM)

Chair & Clinical Assistant Professor

Office:  260-481-6146

Email:  duncanc@ipfw.edu

 Photo of Michelle Fritz

Michelle Fritz, MS Ed, RT(R)

Clinical Director & Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: 260-481-0515

Email: fritml01@ipfw.edu

 Photo of Ann Obergfell

Ann Obergfell, J.D., RT(R)

Dean, College of Health & Human Services & Professor

Office: 260-481-0512

Email: obergfea@ipfw.edu

Andrew Boehm Photo

Andrew Boehm, B.S., RT(R)

Visiting Instructor

Office: 260-481-0513

Email: boehas01@ipfw.edu


Matthew Powell's Photo

Matthew Powell, B.A., RT(R)

Visiting Instructor

Office: 260-481-0518

Email: powem02@ipfw.edu

Stephanie Lehto


Office: 260-481-0511

Email: lehtos@ipfw.edu


Academic Advisor:

Greg L. Anderson, M.A.

Academic Advisor, Student Success Center

Neff Hall Room 120

Office: 260-481-0145

Email: anderson@ipfw.edu