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General Pinning Information for Students

Pinning Ceremony Instructions - Baccalaureate Students - to be updated soon

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Pinning Ceremony Invitation - Fall 2016 

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Pinning Ceremony General Information

The December 2016 Nursing Pinning ceremony will be held on Friday, December 16, at 7:30 p.m. in the Auer Performance Hall of the Rhinehart Music Center, IPFW campus.

If you have disabilities requiring special accommodations, or if your guests include people with disabilities who wish to request special accommodations, please contact the Academic Ceremonies office ( or by phone at 481-6460) no later that the Wednesday before the ceremony so appropriate arrangements can be made.

There is limited handicapped parking available by Rhinehart Music Center.  Drop off is available in the circle drive in front of the building.  Additional parking is available in Parking Garage P3. 

Doors to the Auer Performance hall will not be opened until 6:45.  We have plenty of seats available and you will not need to limit the number of guests. 

The ceremony will last approximately one hour.  There is a punch and cookie reception that follows the ceremony.

Information for students

Student Attire - All students must wear academic gowns for the Nursing Pinning Ceremony.  Bachelor candidates will wear a black gown, master's candidates a black master's gown (with long sleeve extension).  Spring graduates who are also attending the Commencement ceremony received a cap.  The cap is needed for the Commencement ceremony, not for the Pinning ceremony. Because the Pinning ceremony is a formal one, it is suggested that men wear white shirts, ties, dark trousers, and dark shoes.  Women should wear dresses/skirts (no longer than the academic gown) or dress slacks. 

Be at Rhinehart Music Center at 6:45.  Students will meet in upper lobby.  That area is not locked, so leave valuables with family members or in your locked car.  We want to limit that area to just the graduating class so say good bye to family before you go up.

Class photo -- will be taken at 7:00 PM.

Graduates will line up in alphabetical order --bachelors degree candidates first, then masters candidates.  A Nursing secretary will help get you in order, give you a program, and your name card.

Name cards -- A faculty member will be reading names during the pinning.  We will print a name card with your first name, middle initial, and last name for you to present to her when you go on stage to be pinned.  If you want your name read differently (i.e. Sue instead of Susan, or your maiden name in addition to married name) contact Kelly Shanks ( or by phone 481-6460) no later than the Wednesday before the ceremony.  If you know faculty have difficulty pronouncing your name also contact Kelly Shanks so she can make notes and help get your name right.

Processional -- Students will be seated in the center front section of the Auer Performance Hall.  You will proceed into the auditorium, and stay standing until after the Invocation.

Pinning -- Students will be pinned by faculty. Students will come forward by rows, using ramp on right side of stage, hand card to reader, receive pin by first table, shake hands, receive rose from Nursing Department chair, exit stage right, go out into the hallway, then return to performance hall through the main entrance down second aisle into the seats, and sit down. After everyone has been pinned there will be a round of applause for you, the students.

Midwest Alliance for Health Education Award -- This award will be presented to an undergraduate student who will come forward from student section. No remarks are necessary from student receiving award.

Recognition of Faculty and Family -- Dean Obergfell will ask faculty to stand to be recognized and ask the grads to give them a round of applause.  Then she will ask the graduates to stand, turn and while facing your families, applaud families.

Student Response -- A graduating student or students will deliver student response.

Benediction and Recessional -- Everyone will be asked to stand for the Benediction.  After the prayer, the audience will be seated and the students will remain standing for recessional.  The platform party will leave the stage first and students in front row will follow the platform party out of the ballroom.  An IPFW staff member will direct students out by rows.

Reception -- Held in lobby area immediately following ceremony.



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