College of Health and Human Services

Courses and Course Texts


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HSRV 10000- Intro to Human Services   (bulletin)

Neukrug, E. Theory, Practice and Trends in Human Services:  An Introduction. 5th Edition. Brooks/Cole.

HSRV 10300- Helping Relation Tech     (bulletin)

Joanne Levine, Working with People:  The Helping Process. 9th Edition.

HSRV 10500- Basic Interview Skills    (bulletin)

Ivy and Ivy (2007). Intentional Interviwing and Counseling:  Facilitating Client Development in a multicultural Society. 7th Edition Brooks/Cole

HSRV 16900- Wellness and Stress Management    (bulletin)

Hoeger, W., Turner, L., and Hafen, B. (2007). Wellness:  Guidelines for a Healthy Lifestyle.   4th Edition.  Thomson-Wadsworth

HSRV 20000- Behavioral Therapies   (bulletin)

Kazdin, Alan (2008). Behavior Modification in Applied Settings. 6th Edition. Waveland Pr Inc.

HSRV 20100- Clinical Case Study   (bulletin)

Kiser, P. (2007). The Human Services Internship:  Getting the most from your Experience. Brooks/Cole

HSRV 21100- Dynamics of Group Behavior   (bulletin)

Corey, M.S., & Corey, G. (2006). Groups:  Process and Practice, 7th Edition. Brooks/Cole

Furman, Rich (2009)  An Experiential Approach to Group Work

HSRV 31500- Intro to Theories and Therapies   (bulletin)


HSRV 32000- Case Methods   (bulletin)

1)Leroy, C. and Daley, J. (2005). Case Study in Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment. Brooks/Cole.         

2)Schwartzberg, S. (2000). Casebook of Psychological Disorders. Brooks/Cole.                                                                             

American Psychiatric Association Edition Desk Reference To Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-V-TR   

3) Woodside, M. & McClam, T. (2005)  Generalist Case Managements:  A Method Of Human Service Delivery

Optional:  Ezel, M. (2000) Advocacy in the Human Services 

HSRV 33000- Psychopharm in Human Services  (bulletin)

Bentley, Kia, Walsh, Joseph., The Social Worker And Psytrophic Medication:  Toward Effective Collaboration With Mental Health Clients, Families And Providers. Brooks/Cole. 4th edition           

HSRV 35000- Drugs and Society   (bulletin)

Hanson, Venturelli, and Fleckenstein (2008). Drugs And Society. 10th Edition.  Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

HSRV 39900- Introduction to Grant Writing   (bulletin)

Carlson, M. (2008). Winning Grants Step by Step. 3rd Edition.  San Francisco, CA; Jossey-Bass.

Browning, Bev (2009).  Grant Writing for Dummies. 3rd Edition. Indianapolis, IN; Wiley Publishing, Inc.

HSRV 40000- Internship 1   (bulletin)

1) Walls, Jeannette (2006).  The Glass Castle:  A Memoir.  Scribner.                                                                                                                         

2)  Payne, Ruby, DeVol, Phillip, and Dreussi-Smith, Terie.  Bridges Out of Poverty:  Strategies for Professionals and Communities. aha! Process Inc

HSRV 40100- Internship Seminar 1   (bulletin)

Same as Above

HSRV 41700- Research Methods   (bulletin)

1)Szuchman, Lenore, & Thomlison, Barbara. (2010) Writing with Style:  APA Style for Social Work.  Brooks Cole.                                                                     

2)  Leedy, Paul. & Ormrod, Jeanne (4-2009).  Practical Research:  Planning and Design, 9th Edition.  Prentice Hall

HSRV 45100- Internship Seminar II  (bulletin)

Judity Lewis & Thomas Packard. Management of Human Services Programs. 5th Edition. Thomson, Brooks/Cole

HSRV 45000- Internship II  (bulletin)

Same as Above