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College of Health and Human Services

Department of Consumer and Family Sciences


Pre-Hospitality Management Requirements

To apply for the B.S. Hospitality Management (BS HM) students must meet IPFW degree seeking requirements and complete the prerequisite courses outlined in the Pre-Hospitality Management (Pre-HM) requirements, earning 30 credits and attain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Pre - Hospitality Management - Pre-HM Courses

General Education Courses:

  • Category A competency 1 Written Communication Cr. 3
  • Category A competency 2 Speaking and Listening Cr. 3
  • Category A competency 3 Quantitative Reasoning Cr. 3
  • Category B competency 4 Scientific Cr. 3
  • Category B competency 5 Social Behavior Cr. 3
  • Category B competency 6 Humanistic Cr. 3
  • Category B competency 7 Interdisciplinary and Artistic Cr. 3
  • Category A or B competency Cr. 3
  • HTM 100000 - Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Work Experience Portfolio

Hospitality Management Major Required Courses


Hospitality Management students are required to complete non-credit bearing, non-paid service learning to graduate.  To satisfy this requirement students must complete 60 hours of service learning while enrolled in the B.S. Hospitality Management program.  See advisor for details.

HM Level 2:

HM Level 3:

Three additional Hospitality Management Electives required. Must see advisor.

HM Level 4:

Three additional HM Electives required for Level 4. Must see advisor.

  • HTM 41100 - Hospitality & Tourism Law Cr. 3.
  • HTM 43000 - HM Strategic Management Cr. 3
  • HTM 44100 - Financial Management for the Hospitality Industry Cr.3
  • HTM 49100 - Beverage Management Cr. 2.
  • HTM 49200 - Advanced Food Management Cr. 4
  • General Education Category C - Capstone Cr. 3
  • HTM Elective (4) - 3 Cr.
  • HTM Elective (5) - 3 Cr.
  • HTM Elective (6) - 3 Cr.

Hospitality Management Major Elective Courses

In addition to the prescribed courses the student must complete 18 credit hours in elective hours.

 HTM Electives:

  • CFS 39900 - Special Topics in CFS Cr. 3
  • FNN 40300 - Advanced Nutrition:  Food from Farm to Fork Cr.3
  • HTM 31400 - Franchising Cr. 3
  • HTM 31500 - Club Management and Operations Cr. 3
  • HTM 33400 - Introduction to Sports Hospitality Management Cr. 3
  • HTM 37600 - Sustainable Tourism Development Cr. 3
  • HTM 37700 - Resort Property, Rental and Service Management Cr. 3
  • HTM 37800 - Destination and Resort Marketing Cr. 3
  • HTM 40800 - HM Environmental Issues, Opportunities and Challenges Cr. 3
  • HTM 42000 - Event Management Cr. 3

Total Credits: 120


Public Disclosure

The Hospitality Management degree program has developed extraordinary teaching and learning opportunities that require students to participate and work in the industry as part of courses

We are required to consult the Zachary’s List and must deny access to individuals on this list to participate in internships, practicums and volunteer activities that place students in structured and semi-structured settings with children.

(http://www.purdue.edu/hr/Employee_Relations/zachary.html )

As a direct consequence we have changed the registration requirement for (HTM 21400, FNN 20300, HTM 18100, HTM 49200), internships/practicum (HTM 30100 and HTM 30200), HTM 310000 (Dinner Series), HTM 420000 (Event management), HTM 31500 (Club Management) and HTM 376000, 37700 and 37800 (Palm Island semester courses) to “with departmental permission” from Summer 2012 onwards.

For all these courses, the department is now required to consult Zachary’s list and may not admit anyone on this list that applies to his or her course.

We strongly recommend that students who register for the Hospitality Management Degree program take the above into consideration as it may deny them the opportunity to complete the program and therefore to graduate.

If you are in any doubt or have any further questions please set up a meeting with either the Dean of Students or the Department Chair.