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College of Education and Public Policy

Welcome to the Department of Public Policy graduate programs.  We have several educational options for you to continue your education beyond an undergraduate degree.

Public Affairs
Public Management
Masters 48 credits 39 credits
Certificate 15 credits 15 credits
Concentrations Health Systems Administration
Public Management
Health Systems Administration & Policy
Public Administration & Policy
Course Requirements Masters, Certificate Masters, Certificate
Accreditation NASPAA In Process

Master of Public Affairs

The Master of Public Affairs (M.P.A.) is a professional graduate degree program structured around concepts and skills essential to management, policy, and planning activities within governmental and quasi-governmental organizations. The program provides knowledge and experience that can be used by professionals in various roles within a changing public sector.  The M.P.A. is a valuable degree for pre-service students, students seeking advanced terminal degrees, and students that may want to study disciplinary areas that are broader, national, and international in scope.

Applying for the Mid-Career Option

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Master of Public Management

The Master of Public Management (M.P.M.) degree program is a professional graduate degree to enhance the administrative and evaluative skills of managerial practitioners in our service area and to advance the department’s commitment to public service and regional responsiveness. Graduate level students seeking positions of leadership within governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, health care administration, and other related public sector professions, will find the M.P.M. degree program provides the necessary tools for success.

Applying for the Experiential Credit Option

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Student TestimonialPhoto of Surienda Kaur and two other graduate students.

"Education has been an essential part of my growth as an individual. My experience with the Department of Public Policy has been a positive one and one that has impacted me personally and professionally. As a Master of Public Affairs with concentration in Health Systems Administration student, I had abundant amount of support from faculty members. The experiences in the classroom have been critical to the growth of my knowledge on health care and public management issues. The diverse background of students provided great discussions and real world knowledge that enhanced the course material. In addition, I was also able to apply course material in a real world environment through an internship and this experience helped me build important contacts within the community."

Surinder Kaur, Class of 2013