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"My experience with the Department of Public Policy has impacted me personally and professionally. As a student, I had abundant amount of support from faculty members. The experiences in the classroom have been critical to the growth of my knowledge on health care and public management issues. I was also able to apply course material in a real world environment and this helped me build important contacts within the community."
– Surinder Kaur, Class of 2013

Graduate Programs

Master of Public Management Mission

The Master of Public Management (MPM) is an integrated course of study designed to enhance the administrative and evaluative skills of managerial practitioners with substantial professional experience in our service area and to advance the Department’s commitment to public service and regional responsiveness. The MPM is designed to produce graduates who are committed to public service and have the theoretical foundations and skill sets that will enhance contributions to their organizations and agencies. The MPM will provide students with critical managerial, analytic, and leadership skills.

Public Management
Masters 39 credits
Certificate 15 credits
Concentrations Graduate Certificate; Health Administration Policy;
Public Administration & Policy
Accreditation In Process

About the Program

Graduates of the Masters of Public Management learn the skills and understanding to seek out leadership roles within governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, health care administration, and other related public sector professions. Through this program, our students gain the necessary tools for success through thorough research, examination, and application of organizational, political, healthcare-related, and not for profit policies and practices.

Health Administration Policy Concentration
Healthcare professionals who have an interest in supervisory or management roles will examine the policies and programs of the field while emphasizing organizational and economic analysis.

Public Administration and Policy Concentration
Professionals in the public sector who seek to move up the ladder will develop and refine quantitative and qualitative skills that are necessary for public and not-for-profit management, while emphasizing political, organizational, and economic analysis.

Graduate Certificate in Public Management
The Graduate Certificate in Public Management consists of five courses including two electives. Students who earn this certificate will explore the many facets of management in organizations, and learn to apply them in a public sector setting.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

The Department of Public Policy sponsors one graduate teaching assistantship each academic year. The GTA typically has sole responsibility for teaching one of our four introductory courses:

PPOL E162 (Environment and People); PPOL H120 (Contemporary Health Issues); PPOL J101 (The American Criminal Justice System); or PPOL V170 (Introduction to Public Affairs).

The GTA receives a fee remission and stipend for teaching one class for the fall semester and one class for the spring semester.To apply for 2018-2019, please send a letter of intent, resume, and writing sample by March 2, 2018 to Professor Brian Fife, Chair and Director of Graduate Studies.

Experiential Credit

To gain experiential credit in the program, students must complete the 3 credit hour experiential component. Students with at least one year of full-time management and/or policy experience can apply for an exemption. Students who do not meet this criterion must take PPOL V585 Practicum in Public Affairs for 3 credits. To apply for this option, students must submit the following: