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Welcome to the website of the IPFW Department of Public Policy. The department is multi-disciplinary including elements of public health, law, economics, political science, quantitative analysis, criminal justice, and sociology organized as a professional school. Our mission is to educate and train students for administrative and managerial careers in public and quasi-public organizations; prepare graduates of our program to attend law school and Ph.D. programs; and to conduct research and service in those sectors.

The purpose of the members of the department is to broaden the students' comprehension of the economic, political, and social contexts in which public servants work and to provide students with information about administration in the changing public sector. Graduates enhance their skills and knowledge for careers in local, state, and federal government and in quasi-public service organizations, such as health care, criminal justice, and social service agencies.

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The mission of the Department of Public Policy at IPFW is to improve the quality of public service through teaching current and prospective public servants, through research on public issues, and through service to organizations with public policy interests.

Department of Public Policy Handbook



Photo of Dr. Jane Grant presenting the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award to Amy Jo Sites.

Dr. Jane Grant presents the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award to Amy Jo Sites.