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We have a variety of options to help you gain the required knowledge and skills to apply for an Indiana License in Mild Intervention and/or Intense Intervention. You can choose special education as either your concentration area or as a dual-license program.

Once you are admitted to the undergraduate teacher education program in the Department of Educational Studies, you may begin taking classes for the certification in special education. EDUC K305/K306 and K307 are required courses for all undergraduate education majors; these two courses are also the first required courses for Special Education.

Special Education Program Options:
  • Option 1: Special education Concentration (4 courses)
  • Option 2: Special education Dual-license (Mild Intervention License) (8 courses)
Courses in Special Education at IPFW:


  • EDUC K305 Teaching the Exceptional Learner in the Elementary School


  • EDUC K306 Teaching the Exceptional Learner in the Secondary School
  • EDUC K307 Methods of Teaching Students with Special Needs
  • EDUC K370 Introduction to Learning Disabilities
  • EDUC K465 Service Delivery Systems and Consultation Strategies


Concentration + 4 courses = Dual License

  • EDUC K453 Management of Academic and Social Behavior
  • EDUC K352 Education of Children with Learning Disabilities  (C: EDUC M201 Field Experience)
  • EDUC K371 Assessment and Individual Instruction in Reading and Math  (C: EDUC M301 Field Experience)
  • EDUC M470 Practicum in Special Education (with elementary student teaching)

To see courses and requirements for undergraduate education majors see the Mild Intervention Check Sheet for Elementary Education Majors or Secondary Education Majors.

Anticipated Course Rotation

You need to contact one of the special education faculty members to set up an appointment to add the Special Education certification at the undergraduate level.

Photo of Jane Leatherman, Ph.D.

Dr. Jane Leatherman
Chair of the Department of Professional Studies / Associate Professor



Photo of Jeong-il Cho, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeong-il Cho
Assistant Professor / Program Director of Special Education

  • Office: Neff Hall, 250E
  • Phone: 260-481-6454
  • E-mail: choj@ipfw.edu



Photo of Rama Cousik, Ph.D.

Dr. Rama Cousik
Assistant Professor



Photo of Stephanie Arce

Student Testimonial

"... I originally started out only pursing my [undergraduate] degree in elementary education, I started to realize that more students in the average classroom may have some kind of special need and thought it was very important for me to learn more... So I added a few classes to get my special education endorsement and am glad I did because it will make me a more marketable person when I graduate ... I would highly recommend it [the program] to other students who are planning on pursing education at IPFW."

Stephanie Arce