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Teaching, learning about autism at IPFW | Local Stories | Journal Gazette

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2016 Friends of IPFW Outstanding Teacher Award20160414-Friends-Cho-JW-001

Jeong-il Cho, Associate Professor, Professional Studies (Special Education) is the 2016 recipient of the Friends of IPFW Outstanding Teacher award. Pat Becker of the Friends surprised Dr. Cho with a letter notifying her of the award during Dr. Cho's class last Thursday. She will receive a plaque and $1500 at Convocation in August. Pictured above from left to right are Amy Nitza, Chair, Professional Studies, Terri Swim, Chair, Educational Studies, Vicky Carwein, Chancellor, Dr. Cho, Pat Becker, Friends of IPFW, and Jim Burg, Dean, College of Education and Public Policy.

Welcome to the Special Education program! We have a variety of options to help you gain the required knowledge and skills to apply for an Indiana License in Mild Intervention and/or Intense Intervention. You can be an undergraduate or graduate student. See table for your options and contact us. We would love to talk with you.

Why choose IPFW Special Education-A graduate's perspective:

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Program Options
Mild Intervention Minor
Intense Intervention Certificate  
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