College of Education and Public Policy

IPFW Community Counseling Center

Welcome to the IPFW Community Counseling Center, as counselors, we are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families deal more effectively with their concerns. We are a free clinic and would like to help you.

The IPFW Counseling Center is the primary training center for graduate students-in-training. Most sessions are observed by a faculty supervisor and another student. Each evening, the professional team discusses how to provide the best services possible. In the last decade, IPFW faculty and counseling students earned two national and nine statewide awards for excellence. The program has both state and national accreditation.

We respect the rights of clients and adhere to a strict ethical code. A central tenet of our ethical code is maintaining client confidentiality as mandated by law.  Indiana law requires all counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers to report child abuse. We must also tell authorities if clients become a danger to themselves or others.

We extend services to everyone, regardless of race, sex, religion, gender preference, or national origin. We believe that individual growth and development are best nurtured in the context of environmental and family relationships.

For more information write to: Ethical Standards, National Board for Certified Counselors, #3-D Terrace Way, Greensboro NC 27403.

Contacting Your Counselor:

If you need to contact your counselor to cancel an appointment or if you have an emergency, call (260) 481-5405. To leave a message for your counselor, follow the prompts:

  • Press 1 to leave a message for the clinic manager.
  • Press 2 if your appointments are on Mondays.
  • Press 3 if your appointments are on Tuesday nights.
  • Press 4 if your appointments are on Wednesday nights.
  • Press 5 if your appointments are on Thursday nights.

If you have an emergency that cannot wait, you can call St. Joseph Behavioral Health at (260) 425-3606 or Parkview Behavioral Health at 260-373-7602.

Photo of the welcome desk at the IPFW Community Counseling Center.Welcome desk in the IPFW Community Counseling Center.