College of Education and Public Policy

TSAP (Transfer Single Articulation Pathways)

Early Childhood Education

 Welcome to IPFW!

 We are excited that you want to pursue your Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  Our program strives to provide an outstanding program because our children, families, and community deserves the best!

You have taken an important step in completing your Associate degree (AS).  We are ready to help you with the last leg of your journey.  The IPFW TSAP program has two pathways from which you can choose:  Birth – Age 5 (nonlicensure) and Preschool – Grade 3 (licensure).

If you want to enroll FULL TIME in the BS in ECE Preschool – Grade 3 program and seamlessly move into the professional education sequence of the program at IPFW, you should:

  • Complete the approved TSAP program for an AS in Early Childhood Education from Ivy Tech or Vincennes University
  • Successfully complete criminal history background checks
  • Pass all three sections of the CASA exam or meet alternative criteria [e.g., minimum of 24 (ACT) or 1100 (SAT, reading and math)]

Contact the EPIC Advising Office at 481-6449 to make an appointment with Jim Beard to learn more about our programs.