College of Education and Public Policy

If your education program leads to an Indiana teacher license you will need to student teach. 

Apply 1 year BEFORE the semester you plan to student teach – (i.e. apply Spring 2016 of you plan to student teach Spring 2017)

You will need to make an appointment with Jim Beard, Director of EPIC to submit your student teaching application.

The time frame windows for scheduling student teaching meetings are:
Fall requests            September through November
Spring requests        February through April

Meeting regularly with Jim Beard, Director of EPIC, is critical for you to stay on track for student teaching and graduation.

If you have general questions about the student teaching application process or would like to make an appointment, stop by the office or call:
Melinda Woods, EPIC Office Secretary
Office: Neff Hall, #243
Phone: 260-481-6449


Steps for Completing the Student Teaching Application Process

1. One year before you plan to student teach, call the EPIC office secretary and make an appointment to meet with Jim Beard, Director of EPIC to turn in your completed student teaching application and agreement form (see below). 

2. Before your student teaching appointment:

a. Select school corporations you are interested in being at for your student teaching or practicum placement.*

b. Complete the Student Teaching Application form and Student Teaching Professional Agreement form and bring them with you to your student teaching appointment

Student Teaching Application (Use Windows version of Microsoft Office)
Student Teaching Professional Agreement

c. Complete a criminal history background report from Safe Hiring Solutions.  You are required to get an "expanded" report by selecting EXP/EXPANDED ($31.50) unless you are an Early Childhood major or an Elementary Education major with a dual license in Early Childhood. Contact Dr. Terri Swim for instructions on how to obtain your criminal history report. 

            **Instructions on how to complete the Background Report are located on our website.

You must have a current criminal background report prior to the start of your student teaching or practicum experience; therefore, even if you already have a criminal history report on file with us, you will have to obtain a new criminal history report if the current one becomes more than 1 year old prior to the start of your student teaching or practicum experience.  Some school districts may require a more recent report.  The LEVEL 1 option is to be used only for field experience requests prior to applying for student teaching.

*If choosing Northwest or Southwest Allen County Schools you must have an overall GPA of 3.0. If you select East Noble, MSD Bluffton-Harrison, NACS or SACS you will need to submit an unofficial transcript (NOT OASIS) from the Registrar's Office in KT #107 with your application.

Note: Many of you have contacts with several districts and often field placement teachers will express a desire to have you as their student teacher. The current application procedure requires that the request for a student teaching or practicum placement starts with Jim Beard. Please refrain from creating any arrangements with a school district or teacher for a student teaching or practicum placement.