College of Education and Public Policy

After you have completed the required course work for your education program including student teaching, you will graduate from IPFW with a bachelor of science degree. Upon successful graduation, passing state required exams, and taking training in CPR and suicide prevention, you will be recommended by EPIC for an Indiana teacher license.

About every seven to ten years, the state updates the requirements to earn an Indiana teacher license. The rules for those requirements are often referred to by the law that was enacted to update the requirements. Since August 31, 2011, the current licensing rules are referred to as REPA.

The Indiana Department of Education has a website with information about teacher license application and requirements.  Once you are there, click on the LVIS link.

Please contact Jim Beard, Director of EPIC with any questions.

Photo of Jim Beard, M.A.Jim Beard, M.A.
Director of EPIC



Photo of an IPFW education student teaching a literacy lesson.An IPFW education student teaching a literacy lesson.