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Criminal History Background Report

Every school or agency that the Department of Educational Studies interacts with requires our students (you) to have a current background report on file at the university. A current background report is defined as "within one year from the issue date", after which time you will need to obtain a new one.  There is a fee each time a background report is requested. 

If the issue date will become more than 1 year old before the end of your field experience, you must obtain a new background report prior to the beginning of your field experience.  If an infraction appears on the report, a faculty committee will review the report to determine if you are eligible to enter into field experiences or student teaching.  IPFW and each school or agency reserve the right to deny placements based on the report.  In addition, should an infraction occur during the timeframe of the field experience or student teaching, it is the student's responsibility to report this to their supervising instructor(s) and the EPIC Office (Neff Hall #243). 

Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for your Criminal History Report:  Criminal History Report instructions  Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree and dual license majors - follow your criminal history background report instructions listed below in italics.

Criminal History requests must be obtained from Safe Hiring Solutions unless you are an Early Childhood Education (ECE) major (see note below).  Reports will be received by the EPIC office approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the request and payment are completed.  The EPIC office will maintain all current reports. 

NOTEIf you are pursuing an Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree or dual license with ECE, the state of Indiana has specific laws governing procedures for obtaining a national criminal history check.  Universities must follow specific procedures in order to place students in a licensed child care center (including Head Start) for field experience or practicum.  Please click here to read the policy and procedures for all early childhood education students as well as Elementary/ECE DUAL Licenses.

There is a Criminal History Release Form that you will need to complete and turn in prior to your first field experience. This form gives the professors who place you in a field experience permission to give a copy of your Criminal History Background report to the schools or agencies. You will only need to complete this form once during your IPFW enrollment.  You will turn in a copy of your release form to the EPIC secretary (Neff Hall #243).


A photo of an IPFW elementary student working with a  young student during her field placement.An IPFW elementary student working with a young student during her field placement.