Celebrate 50 Years
College of Education and Public Policy


The College of Education and Public Policy (CEPP) welcomes you!

This is an exciting time of transition -- our college faculty continue to provide exceptional educational experiences while also exploring the interplay between our fields of study and engagement with the community. Our Indiana University degrees include practica, internships, and other field experiences that provide our graduates with real-world experiences and the ability to make a difference in their community.

Examples of our engagement include:

  • Research on economic development conducted by the Community Research Institute
  • Free mental health services through the IPFW Community Counseling Center
  • Free workshops and community events regarding autism and other disabilities
  • Partnerships with Science Central and local schools to support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education
  • Research which involves the community regarding homelessness, healthcare satisfaction, effects of diversity on student learning, the role of law enforcement in crime prevention, and healthy relationships

Our teacher preparation programs are accredited by NCATE, the primary accrediting organization for teacher preparation in the United States. In continuing to strengthen our programs, we are developing new and innovative ways to assess student learning -- the focus in our programs is on preparing highly-qualified practitioners, not simply rote memorization of facts.

Change brings opportunities and the College of Education and Public Policy is recreating itself to provide relevant, high-quality educational experiences that impact our community.

Photo of James Burg, Ph.D.James Burg, Ph.D.
College of Education and Public Policy
Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne

Save the Date

Spring Semester Dates: January 12-May 10



Faculty Feature

Photo of Kathleen Murphy, Ed.D.

There are many "best parts" of being a professor in the College of Education and Public Policy (CEPP). I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues in the Educational Studies Department, as well as the other two departments in CEPP, on joint writing projects and sharing ideas and experiences about teaching, as we all strive to do the best job we can. Our students are very appreciative of our efforts to help prepare them for being effective educators in the future, and we appreciate our students! We encourage our students to be leaders in whatever career path they follow, with the commitment, dedication, knowledge, and skills to make a difference in the world! We're sure they will!

Kathleen Murphy, Ed.D., Professor